King’s Daughters Hospital was founded in the 1930’s and was located on Highway 51 in Canton. After being purchased by Madison County, it was renamed Madison General Hospital. 

In 1965, the County constructed a new facility on Highway 16 which operated as Madison General until 1995 when the name was changed to Madison County Medical Center. The county planned to broaden the scope of services in the hopes of increasing the services available to the community; however due to financial constraints, the growth was limited. 

In 2003, with a major investment in the fiscal plant and new leadership, many improvements were implemented at Madison County Medical Center.

With a vision of providing a comprehensive array of services to the residents of Madison County and the surrounding communities, the plans to build a new facility began. A central location (just off 1-55)  was chosen to serve as the site for the new hospital. The chosen site not only achieved improved access for patients, but also allowed for development of a centrally located medical community.     

Construction of Madison River Oaks Medical Center began in 2009. After much anticipation, the doors opened on May 23, 2011 to receive the first patient. The unique facility design is modern and welcoming.  Additionally, it features state of the art equipment and technology throughout. As we continuously strive to enhance healthcare, our Medical Staff and scope of services is growing to meet the needs of the community.

More importantly Madison River Oaks Medical Center is focused on recruiting and retaining highly skilled and qualified professionals in order to provide exceptional care and the best possible patient experience. 

We, Madison River Oaks Medical Center, enable America’s best local healthcare. Our commitment is to care for you and your family today, tomorrow and for generations to come.